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Our History

Rick Lovette, Owner/CEO of FarmAlarm Systems Inc. had the idea of using a monitoring/alarm system to monitor conditions within poultry houses while working on his poultry farm in 1997 in Wilkesboro, NC.

In 1999 the first version of the FarmAlarm entered the poultry market and monitored power, water pressure, and temperature. This new alarm gave poultry farmers the option to own their own alarm system rather than being strapped to a monthly fee for a monitoring service. FarmAlarm has continued to change and evolve to better suit the demands of growers everywhere. The easy-to-install wireless model currently sold today is known as the FarmAlarm IV.

Mission Statement

To service the poultry industry, to be recognized as a top tier organization that goes above and beyond when it comes to qualty, customer service, and ethics. To supply our customers with an intuitive and easy to use and install monitoring system that helps growers regulate, maintain, and monitor poultry living conditions in a way which leads to optimal poultry health and growth.