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If you own or manage a poultry farm, you know that the loss of birds can add up to a major expense at the end of the year. Farm Alarm™ is a unique monitoring system, designed specifically to help protect your poultry barn from mortality loss.


There are no wires between the buildings.

Wireless connections between the buildings simplify the installation.  USA made since 1999.

Your Farm Alarm™ can monitor:

  • Power (both legs of 220 volt)
  • Temperature
  • Water
  • Ventilation controller
  • Curtain
  • Feed over run
  • Generator (start/stop)
  • Customized settings by owner

Unit Package Includes:

  • Master Unit (main) or Slave Unit (secondary, for additional houses)
  • Power Cord
  • Temperature Sensor (1)
  • Water Sensor
  • Surge Protection (built-in)
  • External Enclosed Radio (communicate with other radios if more than one poultry house)

Additional Options:

  • External Horn / Siren
  • Additional Temperature Sensors
  • Feed Monitor Sensor
  • Generator On/Off Monitor
  • Remote Buzzer (Wireless) – that will alarm in a home or building within 1500 ft. of the Farm, even when all phone service is down. (New to Industry)


Wireless Alarm Protection for your Poultry and Livestock 24/7